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Sorry, It’s Been A While

I did not realize how long it’s been since I posted anything on Milk Loves Soap!  Since December, to be exact.  So, as an apology, I wanted to share a few things with you.

  • First, this has been a tough year for me, on a personal level as well as from a business standpoint.  I believe you could call it a creative slump?  I’ve been going through the motions but my heart hasn’t been in it.  I think everyone must go through something like this at different points, or transitions in life.  I guess this involves the life cycle, so to speak.
  • Secondly, I finally cleaned up my work space.  When I did that, I felt a weight lift off me.  It was such an overwhelming task and I had been avoiding it for a very long time.  My shop had become a dungeon where people go who have been sentenced, like the Man In The Iron Mask?  Anyway, I have transformed my shop back into a working, clean area that is a pleasure to visit.
  • Thirdly, I have been tired without knowing why.  When I found out I had some vitamin deficiencies and started to address that, I am starting to have a ton more energy and feeling like my old self, maybe better than my old self.
  • Lesson learned:  Don’t neglect taking care of yourself and keep your work area clean and pleasant so you are not constantly distracted and dragged down, not to mention the guilt that goes with procrastination.

I hope to make some new soap this year.  I hope to not disappoint and I hope I can inspire you as much as you inspire me!


A Bluebird of Happiness and Springtime Soap

Traditional Soap Making

The great bluebird quest began one winter day when a lone bluebird sat on our deck rail and looked out at the world.  That very Spring, I bought a bluebird house and put it up where I thought they might like to live.  We had visiting bluebirds but none of them ever stayed. I thought something was wrong with the house or that it wasn’t located properly.  Fast forward two years to right now.  There is a cute little bluebird family that has taken up residence at my house.  I even planted blueberry bushes yesterday in their honor (blue birds like berries), although there won’t be any blueberries for a while.  The bluebirds’ presence indicates to me that Spring is pretty much here or will be in short notice.  Their presence gives me a reason to smile on some days when smiling is pretty much out of reach.  I hope they stay for a while.

Maybe I should go and make some springtime soap colored a delicate blue and scent it with the sweet scent of berries, flowers and cedar trees.  Or, not, but the bluebirds are such a breath of fresh air and inspriation after it feels like an entire year of winter.      “And when he sings to you, Though you’re deep in blue, You will see a ray of light creep through, And so remember this, life is no abyss, Somewhere there’s a bluebird of happiness. Life is sweet, tender and complete, when you find the bluebird of happiness.”  Bluebird of Happiness, lyrics by Edward Heyman & Harry Parr Davies, 1934



New Soaps and an Explanation

I recently added two new soaps – Fleeting Moment (Cherry Blossom), and Strawberries and Champagne.  I love these two and they were fun to make!  I was able to experiment with crushed roses on top of the Cherry Blossom and making a pretty white swirl in the other.  These techniques are not new but I do not often do them.  I have other soap I would like to make but time is always an issue.  Here’s a picture of Cherry Blossom.


Fleeting Moment

You may be able to make out the roses on the top which will not be falling off!  Next time, I will crush the petals a bit more.  This was a soap I made on request.  If you would like to see more requested soap, let me know!

Using Natural Colorants in Soap

Whenever possible, I make it a point to use natural colorants or no color at all in my soapmaking.  Although, it is very nice to use a bar of soap with beautiful color throughout, it may be artificial dye.  If you are going to use (or make) a natural soap, it seems only logical to use the most natural ingredients as possible.  It can be claimed that a soap is natural even using a synthetic fragrance oil (I use them often) and an FDA approved dye.  Since I often use fragrance oils combined with essential oils, I feel that further use of synthetic dyes would just complicate the practical nature of my soap – practical in that I am making it to be good for skin, as much as possible and as close to natural as I can make.

Since I have had eczema, several things have become clear to me.  One is that I am not sure what triggered it, although I have gone over it often.  Secondly, once triggered, certain things will make it worse.  Avoiding colorants, preservatives, and strong fragrance have certainly helped.  I believe that had I not already been using my own soap, my outbreaks would have been worse.  Everyone certainly has different triggers too and not one thing will work for everyone.

It’s fun to work with natural colors!  I have loved working with clays especially, such as Berries and Cream which has rose clay, or Dead Sea Mud, which has actual clay from the Dead Sea (I’ll probably never go there).  Obtaining certain colors by natural means can be challenging or easy, depending on which color you are going for.  Taking into account the skin benefits, choosing natural colors can be very satisfying and just take soap to another level that could never be achieved using dyes.

The few times I tried using dyes were also a complete fail!  Some of them are tricky, whereas using natural colors just imparts an earthy feel and they are very, very forgiving.  We all need forgiveness, right?

Custom Made Soap

Of course, I love to make soap and occasionally I am asked to make a specific soap for a customer, which I am happy to do lately.  I have made soap that is scented a certain way, colored a certain way, and packaged a certain way and all of that is fun and challenging.  Since time is a factor, I usually ask for plenty of lead time and in some cases the entire batch of soap must be purchased unless I can carry it on my website to sell the remainder.

Making custom soap is also possible for special occasions such as weddings or family reunions, baby showers, and more.  My half bars, or soap minis, are perfect for favor soap gifts and can be labeled with a custom label that says pretty much anything you’d like.

Also, custom soap can be individualized with ingredients.  Some fun ingredients to try might be seeds, oils, herbs, and butters.  Just about anything can go into soap!  I also like to use different milks and in fact, I started out making soap from cow’s milk.

If you or someone you know is in need of a unique gift or favor, consider soap as an option! images (28)

Fall Soap Scents

It is officially September and every year I THINK I’ll have time to make some soap devoted to the scents of the season – Pumpkin Pie and Apple (Apple Cider and Orange Peel) are the only two I have at the moment.  I’m tired of those though.  so I may come up with at least one more.  I’ve been wanting to use more essential oils so spice notes, such as clove and cinnamon come to mind…

Fall Soap

Fall Soap


Orchid Soap

Years ago, I bought some orchid extract to use in a soap recipe.  I never used it.  I tend to do that (unfortunately) but lately, I’m trying not to buy anything I do not need since it’s so wasteful.  I actually have an orchid that I decided I could keep in a semi sunny spot in my living room.  The sun is very filtered there and it stays cool.  I really don’t know anything about orchids, other than my own, and other plants I tend to over love until they just die.  This one has stayed around and I feel somewhat proud of that!  It’s about to bloom as you can see in the picture.  So, of course I started to think about orchid soap and this led to orchid extract.  I forgot what it was supposed to do, so I looked it up.  It makes sense – it’s an exotic flower and it can beautify the skin.  Makes perfect sense.  I plan on making some orchid soap as soon as I can!  Yeah, orchid soap!

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.