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Happy Mother’s Day and May Special

Happy Mother’s Day (May 8th) and May Special Event At Country Scents Milk Soap

Receive a FREE PINE soap tray when you order $25.00 or more now until May 15th!

Just purchase $25.00 or more and we will automatically include this special handmade, pine soap tray that allows soap to drain and dry out between uses.  It has a country bath appeal and looks great in the kitchen or the bathroom.  We use it to distinguish between regular soap and facial soap.

handmade soap tray

Custom Pine Soap Tray

Goat Milk Soap likes to dry out in between uses and this soap tray is a great way to do that!  Don’t leave your soap sitting in water!  It is an investment in yourself and your skin so treat it nicely with this free soap tray!

This special does not exclude our regular special of buy 6, get one free as well as flat rate shipping!