Soap Logs

Soap Logs
A soap loaf? Yes! Or, they are also called soap logs. A soap loaf or log is a large block of soap instead of a bar. I make my goat milk soap in large blocks that are cut into loaves, followed by bars. My soap loaves weigh more than 2 pounds and make eight bars of handmade soap when cut in one inch increments. Depending on the batch, there will also be an end piece on each loaf that is usually not so pretty on one side. My goat milk soap loaves are economical and will save money as compared to buying bars. For shipping, uncut loaves are wrapped in wax paper. A sharp knife, clean putty knife or soap cutter will easily cut loaves into various size bars as needed. For resale, the bars may then be packaged and labeled. Or, for personal use, cut as needed!


Goat Milk Soap Log

Our price: $30.00