What Does Goat Milk In A Soap Feel Like?

How to describe it? It feels like silken bubbles on your skin and it does not come away drying your skin out. It is like eating a Kale and Avocado Salad on the inside - it feeds you on the outside. What else? A blanket for the skin, like wrapping up in a soft, baby blanket and feeling that envelope you on a cold night. It's like nothing else you've ever used and will ever again. Once you try it, you know you've found a small slice of Heaven! Compared to a soap that does not contain goat milk, there is definitely a creamy, silky difference! If your skin is rough and dry, goat milk soap cleans gently, leaving a silky lather.

Ever wonder how soap cleans?  It isn't magic, it's science!  Soap is made up of molecules that have two different ends - one is hydrophilic which means it loves water.  The other end is hydrophobic which means it really, really doesn't love water.  It sort of hates it.  So, when you lather up, one end attaches to the oil in the soap while the other end is in the water.  This causes the oil a drop of oil to form which is suspended in the water.  Dirt and grease are suspended in the oil and washed away with the water.

Soap has been around a long time and not all soap is created equal.  True soap contains no detergents - if it contains surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate, it isn't a true soap and may be classified as a detergent.  How to know?  Just read the ingredients!  Surfactants are defined as a "substance that reduces the surface tension of the substance in which it is dissolved" or better yet, surfactants are compounds, meaning man-made.