About Country Scents

Welcome to Country Scents Milk Soap, a small, family owned business that is devoted to making goat milk soap and natural skin care that not only cleans but brings oohs and aahs to everyday life. Country Scents is located in the historic town of Trussville, Alabama.

Every bar of Country Scents goat milk soap is formulated with no artificial colors or preservatives, and only the purest vegetable oils and butters. In this hand stirred soap you will not find chemicals, preservatives, SLS, or phthalates-just natural ingredients that will nourish and not irritate.  My goat milk soap is make fresh daily and cured for a month or more.  Not only do I make goat milk soap, but often, I use other types of milk as well, such as Jersey Cow's Milk and Coconut Milk. Soap is made to clean, but it comes with benefits too!  Why is my soap different?  My recipe has been developed over time and is unique from any other soap available.  I have used targeted oils and ingredients to come up with the best possible soap I could make.

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What some of my customers tell me:

Thanks so much! Like the rest of us, I'm trying to grow my business and among the many things it involves...connecting with good people is a must. I count myself as fortunate to have found your company. Again, thank you!

We got the soap today and as usual, it smells luscious!  The packaging looks great too.  We put it out only an hour ago and already have passing customers commuting to the wonderful smell!  Thank you for the great product.  You make wonderful soap!  R.L.

HI,I received your soap today and love it already.