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All About Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are perfect for last minute gifts or hard to buy for people.  They are great for those of us who struggle with gift buying every year (like me).  Country Scents offers gift certificates that can be sent by email to anyone.

The gift certificate option is located on the left toolbar of the home page of website.  It is not glaringly obvious and I have not been able to change that (not yet).  So, I am just reminding anyone who is frantically thinking that Christmas is here!  That sort of thing, there are options.  I, myself, love to receive gift cards and certificates.  They can be used after Christmas when stuff goes on sale.  Yea!

Gift Certificate

A soapy gift certificate

Premium members who have created a profile and login earn gift points with every order which may then be converted to a gift certificate!  There are a few premium members who have gift certificates waiting for them to use!  If you haven’t checked lately or placed an order in a while, please check out your profile to find out how many points you have earned and may convert to a gift for yourself or someone else.


Christmas Wish

This Chrismas season has been less frantic and hectic for me than in years past. Why? I think in large part, it has been due to accepting what is and also planning ahead a bit more. Accepting the fact that I’m gonna be busy no matter what and welcoming the day and being grateful for what I have been given. Being grateful has helped tremendously! I turned the negative into positive by doing this. I realized that at some point, my thoughts had become so negative and I had become critical of just about everything, including my soap! The way to do this is to take a negative thought about, say, a rainy day, and being grateful for the beauty of a glistening raindrop on my deck rail instead. It can change your point of view in a big way.

I hope that each of you has a safe and happy holiday this year and I’m looking forward to making much soap in the year to come!