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Citronella to the Rescue (Again)

Once again, Citronella has proven to be an invaluable soap.  It doesn’t leave a bug spray smell behind but I believe the way it must work is that it coats the skin and the bugs just aren’t attracted.  I did find out recently that ants and no-see-ums that live in the grass aren’t always deterred so easily.  I made a spray using the essential oils in the soap and sprayed my son’s shoes, which took care of the problem.  Try our Citronella (You Bug Me) goats milk soap and see for yourself!  It has a pleasant smell and for being outdoors, it is invaluable.  Many people use this as a dog soap.  If you have hard water though, soap may not rinse out completely from a dog’s fur, or your hair for that matter.  It isn’t guaranteed to work against all bugs, but it is a great alternative to chemicals.

Taking Care of Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Handmade soap made with milk is somewhat different than regular handmade soap made without milk.  It retains the lipids and proteins that are contained in the milk as well as the additional fat content.  In humid weather, it tends to sweat, even when it is inside.  I know this because I live in the South and it is so humid here, especially in the summer.  On rainy days, I have pulled out a bar of soap that has moisture beads on it.  One factor that causes this is also the natural glycerin that is contained in the soap.  Glycerin attracts moisture and so if your soap sweats, it may also be from the glycerin in the soap.

To store soap that is labelled, it need only be left on a shelf or even out in a room.  The wrapping will keep the soap fresh and allow it to breath as well.  If soap is not labelled, it can be stored in a container or zipper bag, but I always leave the top open or cracked, to allow for air flow.

While in use, soap should be kept out of the water and on a dish to dry.  If it is constantly in a stream of water, it may get soft, depending on the soap variety.  It should harden back up once left out to dry.

PH of Handmade Goat Milk Soap

I have a great customer who gives me lots of things to think about.  He recently asked me what the PH of my soap was, which I had never tested.  I am proud to say that my at home testing gave me a result that fell somewhere between an PH of 8 and 9, which is very good, although I am then careful to add that my soap is just soap and is to be used for cleansing.  If there are any benefits from it, they are unique to each individual and may not be the same for everyone.  I also know that the litmus paper can vary from brand to brand and that is is not as accurate as a PH meter.