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February Box – Valentine’s Day Gift


Women't Soap Gift

February Valentine Box

Hello, cold world!  It’s cold, even in the Deep South.  I guess you do not needme to tell you that!  This post is not about the cold though,it is about the gift of a February Box!  

The February Box is up on the website and it is simple and sweet,  containing a bag of milk bath salts, along with Amber Romance soap.  Did I mention that it smells good?  The soap also contains Himalayan Pink salt.  The bars are only about 1.5 ounces each, but they pack a fragrant punch.

All of this is nestled in a box and tied with a ribbon.  It makes a great Valentine’s gift for a woman, or a gift for yourself.  If you are anything like me, I really enjoy gifts for moi!

I have only 12 of these boxes and they are priced to sell.  So, warm up with milk bath and sweet soap to get through the cold weather.


Happy Mother’s Day and May Special

Happy Mother’s Day (May 8th) and May Special Event At Country Scents Milk Soap

Receive a FREE PINE soap tray when you order $25.00 or more now until May 15th!

Just purchase $25.00 or more and we will automatically include this special handmade, pine soap tray that allows soap to drain and dry out between uses.  It has a country bath appeal and looks great in the kitchen or the bathroom.  We use it to distinguish between regular soap and facial soap.

handmade soap tray

Custom Pine Soap Tray

Goat Milk Soap likes to dry out in between uses and this soap tray is a great way to do that!  Don’t leave your soap sitting in water!  It is an investment in yourself and your skin so treat it nicely with this free soap tray!

This special does not exclude our regular special of buy 6, get one free as well as flat rate shipping!  

Orchid Soap

Years ago, I bought some orchid extract to use in a soap recipe.  I never used it.  I tend to do that (unfortunately) but lately, I’m trying not to buy anything I do not need since it’s so wasteful.  I actually have an orchid that I decided I could keep in a semi sunny spot in my living room.  The sun is very filtered there and it stays cool.  I really don’t know anything about orchids, other than my own, and other plants I tend to over love until they just die.  This one has stayed around and I feel somewhat proud of that!  It’s about to bloom as you can see in the picture.  So, of course I started to think about orchid soap and this led to orchid extract.  I forgot what it was supposed to do, so I looked it up.  It makes sense – it’s an exotic flower and it can beautify the skin.  Makes perfect sense.  I plan on making some orchid soap as soon as I can!  Yeah, orchid soap!

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.

Christmas Wish

This Chrismas season has been less frantic and hectic for me than in years past. Why? I think in large part, it has been due to accepting what is and also planning ahead a bit more. Accepting the fact that I’m gonna be busy no matter what and welcoming the day and being grateful for what I have been given. Being grateful has helped tremendously! I turned the negative into positive by doing this. I realized that at some point, my thoughts had become so negative and I had become critical of just about everything, including my soap! The way to do this is to take a negative thought about, say, a rainy day, and being grateful for the beauty of a glistening raindrop on my deck rail instead. It can change your point of view in a big way.

I hope that each of you has a safe and happy holiday this year and I’m looking forward to making much soap in the year to come!

Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Goat Milk!

Quick, what could be better than a soap made with Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Goat Milk (fresh, raw, Nubian)? Nothing!  Just up today, the original Oakmoss soap for men with the same fragrance oil you remember, but in a soap formulation that is over the top in performance.  The fragrance oil is costly and so the soap is a bit more, but oh so worth it!

Finding Inspiration

I find inspiration from many things.  There was a time when I even dreamed about soap, but that was when things were out of balance and soap was all I thought about.  Thankfully, I find that having my priorities arranged makes life easier.

I admit that each day is different and sometimes, one priority is over another when need be.  When my priorities are in order, I am free to draw inspiration from multiple sources.  Lately, my creativity seems to go beyond just soap making.  I have always loved to write, I would love to paint the walls of my home, and more.  I am interested in colors lately, and soap may become the first victim. Some of you may have noticed this lately!


Complexion Soap

This week, I’ve been working on a new formula for a complexion soap. My skin has changed and I want a soap that will really moisturize and condition. There are many oils out there that are great for that I’ve never used, so it has been fun to research and explore. I already have some soap that is really great for the face – namely, Tea Tree Oil for oily or acne prone skin and Rhassoul Clay for normal to dry skin. So the new one would be for just dry/mature and an anti aging formula. Sometimes, I think going back in time to look would be better than using the next best ingredient. Time tested ingredients that smart women used way back when would be my choice…So, be on the lookout for that soap!

Gardener’s Strawberry Scrub Soap

Every year, I say I am going to make a gardener’s soap and this year I finally got it done ahead of time!  This is a strawberry blend of fragrance oils combined with scrubby elements such as strawberry seeds and lavender, with some rose clay for added cleansing and conditioning of those hands!  As with any soap, it can be used as a all around soap as well.