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Naming Soap

Anyone who has been around here for a while knows that I sometimes change the name of soap!  Sometimes?  One favored customer would say always!  I have slowed down naming soap quite a bit.  You see, to me, each soap has a personality and sometimes it takes several times before I have it nailed down.  Some soap needs a unique name, while others just need a name of basically, what they are.  

Some examples of how much fun soap naming is can be found in the Southern Collection.  Since I am Southern, I often take for granted the uniqueness of the South and there are words and phrases that my past generations used that are now being forgotten that should be considered precious!  Going further than that, there are different words and phrases from different areas of the South.  We drop the g’s on the end of words, we stretch out the pronunciation, and so on.  So, names of soap such as Mornin Y’all is pretty much how it is said ’round here.  A few things I remember from my childhood are never spoken anymore, as far as I know.  One thing my mother often says now is “Well, I declare,” as if that explains everything that needs explaining.  And that may be the name of my next new soap, “Well, I declare!”



Orchid Soap

Years ago, I bought some orchid extract to use in a soap recipe.  I never used it.  I tend to do that (unfortunately) but lately, I’m trying not to buy anything I do not need since it’s so wasteful.  I actually have an orchid that I decided I could keep in a semi sunny spot in my living room.  The sun is very filtered there and it stays cool.  I really don’t know anything about orchids, other than my own, and other plants I tend to over love until they just die.  This one has stayed around and I feel somewhat proud of that!  It’s about to bloom as you can see in the picture.  So, of course I started to think about orchid soap and this led to orchid extract.  I forgot what it was supposed to do, so I looked it up.  It makes sense – it’s an exotic flower and it can beautify the skin.  Makes perfect sense.  I plan on making some orchid soap as soon as I can!  Yeah, orchid soap!

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.

Complexion Soap

This week, I’ve been working on a new formula for a complexion soap. My skin has changed and I want a soap that will really moisturize and condition. There are many oils out there that are great for that I’ve never used, so it has been fun to research and explore. I already have some soap that is really great for the face – namely, Tea Tree Oil for oily or acne prone skin and Rhassoul Clay for normal to dry skin. So the new one would be for just dry/mature and an anti aging formula. Sometimes, I think going back in time to look would be better than using the next best ingredient. Time tested ingredients that smart women used way back when would be my choice…So, be on the lookout for that soap!

Citronella to the Rescue (Again)

Once again, Citronella has proven to be an invaluable soap.  It doesn’t leave a bug spray smell behind but I believe the way it must work is that it coats the skin and the bugs just aren’t attracted.  I did find out recently that ants and no-see-ums that live in the grass aren’t always deterred so easily.  I made a spray using the essential oils in the soap and sprayed my son’s shoes, which took care of the problem.  Try our Citronella (You Bug Me) goats milk soap and see for yourself!  It has a pleasant smell and for being outdoors, it is invaluable.  Many people use this as a dog soap.  If you have hard water though, soap may not rinse out completely from a dog’s fur, or your hair for that matter.  It isn’t guaranteed to work against all bugs, but it is a great alternative to chemicals.

Ode to Soap by Lori

I really don’t have time to be doing this, but…
I have soap to wrap, orders to deliver, soap to make, and bread to bake.
I promise to try harder, to be the best I can be.
I work night and day and still can’t get done,
so I feed my kids spaghetti and nothing more,
I make soap twelve times and still it’s not enough!
“What’s to be done?” say I to myself,
while bubbles come out of my mouth.
Silly bubbles that pop with no message inside.  

I have made soap using ingredients far and wide,
 and in the end, it’s just soap, to use on your ——.