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Orchid Soap

Years ago, I bought some orchid extract to use in a soap recipe.  I never used it.  I tend to do that (unfortunately) but lately, I’m trying not to buy anything I do not need since it’s so wasteful.  I actually have an orchid that I decided I could keep in a semi sunny spot in my living room.  The sun is very filtered there and it stays cool.  I really don’t know anything about orchids, other than my own, and other plants I tend to over love until they just die.  This one has stayed around and I feel somewhat proud of that!  It’s about to bloom as you can see in the picture.  So, of course I started to think about orchid soap and this led to orchid extract.  I forgot what it was supposed to do, so I looked it up.  It makes sense – it’s an exotic flower and it can beautify the skin.  Makes perfect sense.  I plan on making some orchid soap as soon as I can!  Yeah, orchid soap!

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.

Orchid, about to bloom after over a year of no blooms at all.

Finding Inspiration

I find inspiration from many things.  There was a time when I even dreamed about soap, but that was when things were out of balance and soap was all I thought about.  Thankfully, I find that having my priorities arranged makes life easier.

I admit that each day is different and sometimes, one priority is over another when need be.  When my priorities are in order, I am free to draw inspiration from multiple sources.  Lately, my creativity seems to go beyond just soap making.  I have always loved to write, I would love to paint the walls of my home, and more.  I am interested in colors lately, and soap may become the first victim. Some of you may have noticed this lately!


Citronella to the Rescue (Again)

Once again, Citronella has proven to be an invaluable soap.  It doesn’t leave a bug spray smell behind but I believe the way it must work is that it coats the skin and the bugs just aren’t attracted.  I did find out recently that ants and no-see-ums that live in the grass aren’t always deterred so easily.  I made a spray using the essential oils in the soap and sprayed my son’s shoes, which took care of the problem.  Try our Citronella (You Bug Me) goats milk soap and see for yourself!  It has a pleasant smell and for being outdoors, it is invaluable.  Many people use this as a dog soap.  If you have hard water though, soap may not rinse out completely from a dog’s fur, or your hair for that matter.  It isn’t guaranteed to work against all bugs, but it is a great alternative to chemicals.

Bestselling Soap for Last Quarter of 2012

I have a few people who wait on this list to come out.  These are the top selling soap for the last three months (Oct. – Dec.) and it’s close enough to Dec. 31st I think!  These include online orders only, but this time are fairly accurate for all orders (email, phone, and online).  Here they are:

1.  Oatmeal, Milk and Honey
2.  Dead Sea Mud
3.  Berries & Cream
4.  Chocolate Confectionery
5.  Sweet Pumpkin Lust
6.  Almond Croissant
7.  Man Spice
8.  Pomegranate After Dark
9.  Georgia Peach
10. Decadence
11. Mountain Lilac
12. Apple Butter
13. Chamomile Honey Baby
14. Calendula Oatmeal
15. Cool Citrus Basil
16. Cotton Pickin
17. Vanilla Confectionery
18. Gentlemen’s Bay Rum
19. Rose
20. All Out of Love
21. Honey Bee Mine
22. Orange Honey Scrub
23. Grits, Butter & Salt
24. Plantation Mint Tea
25.  Honeysuckle Calendula

There are the top 25 and maybe you’d like to know 26 or 27?  Ok, #26 is…Lavender Mint and #27 is Fig Preserves!  If you want to know even more, send me an email and I’ll give it out.