Another year has gone by and it is once again Father’s Day!  I hope everyone and all the father’s, dad’s, granddads, and great granddad’s, uncles, brothers, sons, all have a great day tomorrow.  

Sorry, It’s Been A While

I did not realize how long it’s been since I posted anything on Milk Loves Soap!  Since December, to be exact.  So, as an apology, I wanted to share a few things with you.

  • First, this has been a tough year for me, on a personal level as well as from a business standpoint.  I believe you could call it a creative slump?  I’ve been going through the motions but my heart hasn’t been in it.  I think everyone must go through something like this at different points, or transitions in life.  I guess this involves the life cycle, so to speak.
  • Secondly, I finally cleaned up my work space.  When I did that, I felt a weight lift off me.  It was such an overwhelming task and I had been avoiding it for a very long time.  My shop had become a dungeon where people go who have been sentenced, like the Man In The Iron Mask?  Anyway, I have transformed my shop back into a working, clean area that is a pleasure to visit.
  • Thirdly, I have been tired without knowing why.  When I found out I had some vitamin deficiencies and started to address that, I am starting to have a ton more energy and feeling like my old self, maybe better than my old self.
  • Lesson learned:  Don’t neglect taking care of yourself and keep your work area clean and pleasant so you are not constantly distracted and dragged down, not to mention the guilt that goes with procrastination.

I hope to make some new soap this year.  I hope to not disappoint and I hope I can inspire you as much as you inspire me!


Bullet Journal

I started a Bullet Journal.  At first it didn’t really seems so special, nothing more than a planner.  But after using it for a few weeks, I discovered that it is so much more!  I have now added to it several “collections” where I can do whatever I want.  It is not often I can do whatever I want! It feels like being set free!  I am drying some very special flowers on one page, jotting down names of soap on another, and so on.  I cannot recommend this enough, especially if you are someone who likes to plan and is also creative.  Here is an instructional link:

Focusing on What Needs to be Done

Lately with school starting and all of my young men going in different directions, I’ve been a bit distracted.  I do not always sleep well and sometimes I feel so stressed out, it’s alarming.  I’ve got some tips for anyone else who is in that boat.

Tip No. 1 (possibly the most important) – Have a routine in place for mornings, evenings and after school.  Stick to that until it becomes a habit and when things go awry, you can always make it back to your routine.  This keeps everything and everyone running smoothly.

Tip No. 2 – If you get upset or harried, frazzled, crazy, etc., take some deep breaths and get yourself moving, back to your routines.

Tip No. 3 – Have something that calms you and when nothing helps, do that for a while until you feel better, such as music, reading, or a craft.  Of course, soap is my grounding activity that keeps me in touch with beauty in the world and nature.  Go outside and admire the beauty there as well.

Tip No. 4 – Talk to someone and also be prepared to listen.  Many times other people have some of the same problems.

Tip No. 5 – Make lists and plan meals in advance.  I have recently made some checklists for what to pack for a school day, band practice, trips, as well as groceries for an entire week of meals.  Sometimes, you just have to get fast food though.

Those are some of my survival tips for busy moms mainly who keep everything going smoothly and hold the fort down for our families.

Happy Mother’s Day and May Special

Happy Mother’s Day (May 8th) and May Special Event At Country Scents Milk Soap

Receive a FREE PINE soap tray when you order $25.00 or more now until May 15th!

Just purchase $25.00 or more and we will automatically include this special handmade, pine soap tray that allows soap to drain and dry out between uses.  It has a country bath appeal and looks great in the kitchen or the bathroom.  We use it to distinguish between regular soap and facial soap.

handmade soap tray

Custom Pine Soap Tray

Goat Milk Soap likes to dry out in between uses and this soap tray is a great way to do that!  Don’t leave your soap sitting in water!  It is an investment in yourself and your skin so treat it nicely with this free soap tray!

This special does not exclude our regular special of buy 6, get one free as well as flat rate shipping!  

Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

  • I resolve to write on my blog more often (even if it may not be relevant or interesting, or pertain to soap in any way.  Maybe once a week, but not on the same day.
  • I additionally resolve to post “something” on Facebook, even if it’s only interesting to me.
  • Ok, about Instagram, I may or may not post pictures of myself, but I WILL post pictures of soaps since I like doing that.
  • Pinterest, I’ve got no problems with.  I know how to do that.

This is strictly a goal and by making it public, maybe I’ll stick to it.  Let’s not even mention YouTube.  I’m not ready for that, although I dream about filming a soap making video.  But, I think there are already a bunch of those out there.  Maybe I could make a soap making video outside, in the middle of a snowstorm!  Which rarely happens where I am, so I it may be a while.

I could go viral with that.  Chances are, I would just catch a virus while standing in a snowstorm, making a video about soap.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for that.  I’m off to make soap now, until next time.

A Bluebird of Happiness and Springtime Soap

Traditional Soap Making

The great bluebird quest began one winter day when a lone bluebird sat on our deck rail and looked out at the world.  That very Spring, I bought a bluebird house and put it up where I thought they might like to live.  We had visiting bluebirds but none of them ever stayed. I thought something was wrong with the house or that it wasn’t located properly.  Fast forward two years to right now.  There is a cute little bluebird family that has taken up residence at my house.  I even planted blueberry bushes yesterday in their honor (blue birds like berries), although there won’t be any blueberries for a while.  The bluebirds’ presence indicates to me that Spring is pretty much here or will be in short notice.  Their presence gives me a reason to smile on some days when smiling is pretty much out of reach.  I hope they stay for a while.

Maybe I should go and make some springtime soap colored a delicate blue and scent it with the sweet scent of berries, flowers and cedar trees.  Or, not, but the bluebirds are such a breath of fresh air and inspriation after it feels like an entire year of winter.      “And when he sings to you, Though you’re deep in blue, You will see a ray of light creep through, And so remember this, life is no abyss, Somewhere there’s a bluebird of happiness. Life is sweet, tender and complete, when you find the bluebird of happiness.”  Bluebird of Happiness, lyrics by Edward Heyman & Harry Parr Davies, 1934