Questions Answered

Sometimes I am asked what the ingredients are in my soap and other products (besides goat milk!).  Today, I will focus on one such ingredient I use in my soap formulation – that of High Oleic Safflower Oil.  Safflower is one of humanities oldest crops, and it is still around which says something.  High oleic means that it is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid.  Safflower oil is emollient and it useful for soothing bruises or irritations and it is easily absorbed in the skin.  It has a limited shelf life so in my soap I use only a limited percentage.  It is obtained from the seeds of the flower and can be used in cooking.  I will always use it!  I have used it since I started making soap so it has a special 250px-Illustration_Carthamus_tinctorius0place in my soap and on my shelf of ingredients.