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Paleo Soap

The thing is, a few months ago, I didn’t even know what Paleo was.  Even if I had, I never thought that my family would be on this particular adventure.  Still, there are a few grain eaters left, but myself and one of my kids are full force, all in paleo.  He had to and I’m in with him, for support.  What I have found out as a result, is amazing and terrifying.  What’s amazing is I feel better, my knees no longer hurt, and I don’t crave anything.  I eat less, don’t need to eat more, and I’ve lost that pesky 10 pounds I’ve been packing for the last 10 years.  Simple as that.  The food industry is another story.  That’s the terrifying part.

So, I’m wondering what the ingredients would be in a paleo soap?  Coconut oil, olive oil, lard or beef fat, and flowers, berries, herbs, nuts, and seeds.  Just what I’ve been eating, actually!