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Gluten Free Goat Milk Soap and Cream

There is a very good possibility that my family will be going gluten free in the very near future.  One of my children is having some issues and I considered that it would be easier for everyone to go gluten free, at least at home.  This is not going to be easy as we’ve tried it once before and gave up.  This time is different due to some test results.

In the past, I have been asked if my soap was gluten free and in my ignorance, I was shocked at the question.  It got me thinking and as time has gone on, more and more studies are coming out on this issue and the issue of gluten. When I found out that 60% of what we use on our bodies is absorbed through the skin, I became convinced that this is a valid question and should be of concern to virtually everyone (since skin is the largest major organ we have, it must be pretty important).

Most of the soap I make would be considered gluten free though and I am going to be looking at this more closely in the coming weeks.