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Fall Soap Scents

It is officially September and every year I THINK I’ll have time to make some soap devoted to the scents of the season – Pumpkin Pie and Apple (Apple Cider and Orange Peel) are the only two I have at the moment.  I’m tired of those though.  so I may come up with at least one more.  I’ve been wanting to use more essential oils so spice notes, such as clove and cinnamon come to mind…

Fall Soap

Fall Soap


Complexion Soap

This week, I’ve been working on a new formula for a complexion soap. My skin has changed and I want a soap that will really moisturize and condition. There are many oils out there that are great for that I’ve never used, so it has been fun to research and explore. I already have some soap that is really great for the face – namely, Tea Tree Oil for oily or acne prone skin and Rhassoul Clay for normal to dry skin. So the new one would be for just dry/mature and an anti aging formula. Sometimes, I think going back in time to look would be better than using the next best ingredient. Time tested ingredients that smart women used way back when would be my choice…So, be on the lookout for that soap!