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Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

  • I resolve to write on my blog more often (even if it may not be relevant or interesting, or pertain to soap in any way.  Maybe once a week, but not on the same day.
  • I additionally resolve to post “something” on Facebook, even if it’s only interesting to me.
  • Ok, about Instagram, I may or may not post pictures of myself, but I WILL post pictures of soaps since I like doing that.
  • Pinterest, I’ve got no problems with.  I know how to do that.

This is strictly a goal and by making it public, maybe I’ll stick to it.  Let’s not even mention YouTube.  I’m not ready for that, although I dream about filming a soap making video.  But, I think there are already a bunch of those out there.  Maybe I could make a soap making video outside, in the middle of a snowstorm!  Which rarely happens where I am, so I it may be a while.

I could go viral with that.  Chances are, I would just catch a virus while standing in a snowstorm, making a video about soap.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for that.  I’m off to make soap now, until next time.

Christmas Wish

This Chrismas season has been less frantic and hectic for me than in years past. Why? I think in large part, it has been due to accepting what is and also planning ahead a bit more. Accepting the fact that I’m gonna be busy no matter what and welcoming the day and being grateful for what I have been given. Being grateful has helped tremendously! I turned the negative into positive by doing this. I realized that at some point, my thoughts had become so negative and I had become critical of just about everything, including my soap! The way to do this is to take a negative thought about, say, a rainy day, and being grateful for the beauty of a glistening raindrop on my deck rail instead. It can change your point of view in a big way.

I hope that each of you has a safe and happy holiday this year and I’m looking forward to making much soap in the year to come!

Paleo Soap

The thing is, a few months ago, I didn’t even know what Paleo was.  Even if I had, I never thought that my family would be on this particular adventure.  Still, there are a few grain eaters left, but myself and one of my kids are full force, all in paleo.  He had to and I’m in with him, for support.  What I have found out as a result, is amazing and terrifying.  What’s amazing is I feel better, my knees no longer hurt, and I don’t crave anything.  I eat less, don’t need to eat more, and I’ve lost that pesky 10 pounds I’ve been packing for the last 10 years.  Simple as that.  The food industry is another story.  That’s the terrifying part.

So, I’m wondering what the ingredients would be in a paleo soap?  Coconut oil, olive oil, lard or beef fat, and flowers, berries, herbs, nuts, and seeds.  Just what I’ve been eating, actually!


2nd Quarter Bestsellers

Many times I am asked what is your best selling soap?  So, I am happy to give updates each quarter.  The second quarter of the year was slightly different from the first.  The top 20 best sellers, in order are as follows:

  1.  Samples
  2. Dairy Cream
  3. Hospitality Soap (Guest Soap)
  4. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
  5. Lilac & Lavender
  6. Cotton Pickin
  7. Chamomile Honey
  8. Decadence
  9. Angel Darlin
  10. Dairy Specials
  11. Honey Bee
  12. Sweet Tea
  13. Honeymoon in the Smokies
  14. Sandalwood
  15. Mornin Y’all
  16. Pineapple Crush
  17. Botanical Lavender
  18. Carrot & Honey
  19. Coconut Milk
  20. Georgia Peach  


Current Specials

Current specials include Weekend Specials (sometimes good, sometimes not as good), buy 6 regular price, get 1 free, free Dairy Special with $50.00 order, and a monthly newsletter special. We also have “soap on sale” which is soap that we are trying to move on out so that we can make more soap in its place.

Spring Cleaning

I think it may be here!  Spring, that is.  The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and I am feeling the need to clean.  I admit, I am not the best at cleaning (maybe that is why I make soap – to make up for it?) but sometimes, I get this urge to just Clean!  The thing is – it has gotten bad – there are Lego’s on the floor, crumbs under papers on the kitchen table, and who knows what else?  A friend of mine suggested “five minute cleaning”.  A bit here, and bit more there and things start to look up, or look better anyway.

Why can’t I do it the way my mother did?  Every spring, she washed windows, cleaned the oven, had the drapes and curtains cleaned, cleaned off the outside walks and porch, and more.  It was a frenzy of cleaning and I shudder to think about it even now!   Just thinking about it makes me tired.  But, did she make soap?  No sir, she did not!  Take heart, spring cleaners, there is hope for me yet!