Hot Mess Cinnamon Oatmeal

Hot Mess Cinnamon Oatmeal
Cinnamon and spice, plus everything nice. This is a goat milk soap full of oats, ground cinnamon, and a cinnamon fragrance that comes through with flying colors. Trust me on this! A "hot mess" is traditionally a southern expression for a woman (or man) who looks good while also being a little bit off kilter, which is a really nice way of putting it. Men, you will like this soap too.

This soap is from a "small batch" and the bars weigh in at 3 ounces, whereas our regular bars are 4 ounces. Small batches are made in different molds, thus the different size. The recipe is still the same wonderful combination of oils and butters though!

Ground cinnamon and whole oats are added to this soap for light exfoliation as well as fun. Use this soap with caution as cinnamon can be an irritant to some people, otherwise, use it to your hear's content.

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