Coconut Vanilla Ginger Goat Milk Soap

Coconut Vanilla Ginger Goat Milk Soap
It's yummy! This handcrafted soap contains full cream coconut milk, goat milk, ginger, and coconut flakes, as well as coconut oil! It also contains honey, cold pressed vegetable oils and fragrance notes of coconut, vanilla and ginger (Zingiber officinale) root oil. Ginger oil is an amazing essential oil and has a bit of a different aroma than freshly cut ginger - more spicy and pungent. Ginger was one of the first spices that arrived in Europe, where Greeks and Romans used it extensively.

Ginger essential oil is great for the skin and can help with boosting radiance. It also contains Vitamin C which is great for the skin as well, especially the face. Coconut milk is used in place of goat milk which contains high levels of vitamin C and copper.
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