Cutting and Storing Your Handmade Soap

Cutting Your Soap

So now you've got yourself a soap loaf!  If you've never cut one before, I'll explain how!  Cutting your soap loaf is easy!  You don't need special equipment and most of the time, the soap is soft enough to cut with little effort. What you will need:  a straight edge ruler, a cutting board and a soap cutter OR a putty knife.  For cutting, the blade should be thin so that a clean cut is made on the soap itself.  

Place the loaf on the cutting board.  In the case of my soap, there will be an end that isn't pretty and one that is.  Have the pretty end pointed towards you.  Place the ruler on the top of the loaf and lightly mark with a small cut in one inch increments.  My loaves will make eight one inch thick bars with an end piece.  You can also cut them thicker or thinner as desired.  

After you have marked the loaf for one inch bars, place the cutter across the loaf and starting with the pretty end, cut straight down so that you have a rectangular bar per cut.  The not so pretty end piece can be used as samples, etc. 

Storing Handmade Soap 

For storing, loaves and bars may be stored in a lightly ventilated container.  They should be kept out of direct sunlight for long periods, as well as humidity and extreme heat.  The container you use may be a plasic box, cardboard box, or zip lock bags.  I use gallon zip lock bags to store my loaves and bars.  I leave the bags open, expecially when there is a great deal of humidity.  Goat milk soap occasionally may "sweat" slightly and leaving a small amount of air circulation allows the soap to remain dry.