Why Handcrafted Soap?

Handcrafted soap, also known as handmade soap or homemade soap is based on the science and chemistry of soapmaking as well as being considered an art. With science and the availability of natural ingredients from all over the world plus creativity, the possibilities in soap making are endless. Each bar of soap is unique, safe, and as much a luxury as a neccessity.  Handmade soap appeals to the sense of smell, sight, touch, and more!  

True soap is formed during a chemical reaction known as saponification and is a result of the oils, fats, milk or water, and lye are combined. The transformation into soap occurs. The process also produces glycerin, a by product of the process which is also present in the soap. Glycerin is a natural humectant and is removed from commercially made soap to be sold for other uses.

Although you should not eat soap, the ingredients in a handcrafted bar of soap consist of food grade oils, natural ingredients and possibly herbs and essential oils, high quality fragrance oils and butter and seed extracts. For color, a soapmaker may choose only natural colorants or no color at all, or cosmetic grade dyes and pigments that are available.

By purchasing handcrafted soap, one can also know that there is a love and passion involved as well as attention to detail and much care goes into the making of such a product. Such a trade is impossible to continue without the passion that is involved in carrying out the day to day business of making soap.